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Beverly Hills Los Angeles having fun, making friends & money

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Hunc Entertainment develops content by going green cd’s discarded in the recycling bins are converted and distributed via streaming service gaining momentum is Boss Thugz REO Entertainment. Welcome Kick-Start A New You!

Got Funds Like NAS feat Gizzle Boss Thugz

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Boss Thugz THA Coalition steps up campaign to create a South Beach Miami musician alliance

Lara Anderson Boss Thugz

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Adventures in the Non-Profit World by Allison Cossman

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Jewish Women International

Live from Washington, DC, summer marketing intern Allison Cossman is taking you behind the scenes of JWI. A Maryland native, Allison is a senior at the University of Michigan, majoring in communication studies. She is blogging throughout the summer for Michigan’s Communications Department blog about her life as a non-profit intern, her attempts to figure out her future, and highlights from her summer working in the nation’s capital. 

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by Allison Cossman

As an incoming senior living in arguably the most “professional” city in the world, Washington D.C., there has yet to be one day this summer where I have not been asked, “what do you want to do after graduation?” Despite three years of college, one semester studying and working abroad in London, four internships, and twenty-one years of thinking about my future, I am ashamed to say the three most dreaded words in a college senior’s…

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